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Mask Hair, Do Care!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We've finally excepted the fact that we have to wear the mask.

So, I don't know about you but I wanted some masks that match my outfits and go with my earrings etc. My favorites have come from Etsy and I've ordered some throw away masks on Amazon in black and some other fun colors. I feel like I can breath better in these when I have to wear them all day.

So, I bought the clean looking black mask but hey lets face it, it's still a mask! So, let me tell you a few things you can do to spice up your look. First of all if you're a woman, work those eye lashes and those brows. It's the only thing people can see. So, get some mascara and a good eye pencil for your brows and frame your face. Keep in mind that a good eyebrow wax can always pop your arches and make you look more awake and vibrant.

Another simple idea is to get some fun earrings or necklaces. Again with out seeing your smile and teeth sometimes, it is hard to express yourself. So use your accessories well. If you have to take your mask on and off a lot a dangly earring might drive you crazy, but if you can get used to pulling the earring through the loop its worth it for the extra flare to have the dangle. If you really want to make a statement go with things that are bold or bright or straight up unique. They always make me smile and they make for great conversation pieces.

Next, a major part of what we are seeing is hair! Ladies and Gentleman, Keep your color fresh and style with intention. For the men if you don't color your hair take advantage of styling it, having it in place or make a more bold statement is great! For the ladies, try a bolder color than normal or something brighter or something with some accent pieces that will pop. For myself personally I've been wearing a lot of pony tails because the masks makes me really warm when I'm working. I recently got more bright blonde high lights which look great with my black mask and black glasses. I also add a side swept bang so that I'm not all forehead above my mask. Google some pictures online to get more ideas or find a style that is flattering on you.

Lastly, I bought some fun new glasses! I was due for new glasses anyways, but I never saw the day I would be picking out glasses to "accent" my mask. I personally got some that had a little more reflection around the inside of the frame. I think it has to do with how the lease is placed in the frame. I also have really light colored eyebrows if I don't fill them in with a pencil so I wanted a frame that would help pop my eyes and give my face some shape,

I have to say that just trying some of these little things have made me feel so much better. I miss smiling at the world, I miss lip gloss and I miss knowing if people are laughing at my jokes. So keep smiling even if no one can see it!

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