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Energized by Spring! Gratefulness and Reflection

The energy that spring brings always gets me excited! I'm encouraging you to use that energy to revive your spaces and take a look at what makes you happiest.

  • Take time to get your summer calendar organized

  • Start your new summer routine when the kids get out of school

  • Plan for time for YOU

  • Get rid of those clothes you know you didn't wear all fall or winter

  • Deep clean some spaces

  • Get your outdoor space ready to enjoy

Looking back and reflecting on the last year can bring back feelings of confusion, fear and heightened emotions, however, you made it through! If you are anything like me, I have a new perspective and I don't take things for granted!

In this episode I share my take aways, what I was the most grateful for and things that we should all keep doing.

We are excited to announce the The Mighty Mom Makeover! Listen to the details in this episode and visit our Website and Facebook Page to learn more!

Links for this episode:

The air is fresh and the windows are open! Enjoy that sunshine! xoxo - Jen

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