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Do you know who YOU are? Communication and Kindness

In this episode I encourage you to take the time to figure out who you are again. What are your favorite things? What are you known for? What makes you feel good?

Life is crazy, we get caught up in the day to day routine, kids, work, dinner, chores...all of a sudden we don't even know who we are. Or perhaps we've changed, we're always growing weather we know it or not.

As a hairstylist and friend I absolutely enjoy engaging in real life conversations with people. I've learned that we all have similar things that are happening in life. I feel blessed to be here for people and blessed to have a voice to share, so that we know we are not alone and we can get through anything!

I hope that I can help you grow in confidence, happiness and positivity, while living life with a plan and direction. These thing all have a full circle impact on one another, so I encourage you to lean on others when you need a little extra push. Also, be someone else's strength on their hard days.

xoxo - Jen

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