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Confidence, Goals and Positivity with guest Fiona Mensah

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Fiona is a certified woman's life coach, confidence coach, and owner of Woman Power Within. She shares how she became confident by taking the time and self awareness to know who she is.

She had to discover what makes her tick, what makes her smile, and what makes her happy. She also explored her strengths and weaknesses, she took the time to get to know herself.

Through this Fiona grew closer to God, she found what motivated her and she practiced gratitude journaling. She journaled her gratitude each day, no matter how big or how small. She also practices positive self talk by focusing on her strengths. When she has days that aren't as great she takes the time to identify her strengths to realize she is worthy and to get herself though the hard times.

Fiona says, stay consistent, by doing that you will be more competent, and by being more competent you'll be more confident.

I ask Fiona about goals as it is something she is very passionate about. She says that a lot of people don't set goals because of the fear of failure. She wants us all to know that failure is a part of success.

Join us for an awesome episode, you're going to learn a lot and we hope you start practicing these things today!

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